Spread Triads, 30/7/20

We will be in Investigating spread triads in this weeks lesson.
I would often hear players like Julian Lage, Jonathan Kreisberg and other modern players utilising lovely sounding wide interval structures and wondered how they did it.

Well rewind back to the year 1720 !
I was playing through Bach Violin sonatas on the guitar and realised that Bach was using triads but the chord tones were spaced out all over the place in different octaves and intervals.

By looking closely at these, I developed and came up with many of the voicing I will show you today.

As I say, Bach was the original jazzer!
You can see all the voice movement that Charlie Parker used pioneering bebop music.

Below are the shapes I’ve come up with.
You don’t have to learn them all before class, just have them to hand when I am explaining the concepts involved. Probably best to print them out.

We will be using these for use in both chord melody and single note line soloing. We will begin to use these shapes for the basis of sophisticated Counterpoint and Polyphony ideas.

Don’t worry if you can’t play them all by the end of the class. This is just an exhaustive diagram of all the possible shapes to keep working on over time!

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