Sussex jazz guitar prep

Quartal clusters – inversions, voice movement, modal uses, 251 prog

Ever wondered how guitarists play about 20 chords over 1 chord?!

We will be looking at a concept to create interesting modern chordal movements, single note line solos & fresh ideas for composition.

We will be looking at playing over Gminor Dorian & C7 mixolydian
ie the 2 and 5 chords of Fmaj

And transpose this to other keys.

  Make sure you are familiar with these modes.

Then make sure you can play the triad inversions of Fmajor, Gminor and Aminor in the “E shape”

this will be our starting point to derive the quartal harmony!

you need to know which is the root, 3rd, 5th of each triad.

here is a diagram of the shapes, Aminor is simply the same as Gminor 2 frets up.

See you this week on either Thurs or Sunday!

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