Sussex Jazz Guitar School Prep 24/1

Sussex Jazz guitar School prep is here for 24th Jan!  We will finish up our investigations on tritone substitutions & Lydian Dominant scale.

This week we will learn how to create melodic, zig zaggy, twisty turny jazz lines over dominant chords.  We will use these lines in various situations..

1.  Over a 11,v,1
2.  Over a blues
3.  Over II dominant chords before they resolve to II minor (and how to resolve them).  For this check out the F7 in There will never be another you, the D7 in Take the A train & So danca Smaba and more.

I will show you special bebop devices and drills and then show you how to use them over jazz standard tunes.

Everyone can work at their own pace as I have mountains of tasks for ALL ability levels!

Get these arpeggios under your fingers for a C7#11 (or C7b5) chord.

C7 from root
Em7b5 from 3rd
Gm7maj7 from 5th
Bbmaj#5 from 7th

Even if you think you know some of these arpeggios, I’ll show you how to link them to scales doing both single note line work and mad sounding superimposed big and little chords!

On the video, I show first ..

GmMaj7 then Bbmaj7#11 then C7 then Em7b5 then Gm7maj7 then Bbmaj#11

Also revise C7 lydian dominant scale C D E F# G A Bb

Memorize the order, try in other positions and other keys..

See you Sat 24th, 11am Brunswick Pub.
Following classes Sat Feb 21st, Sat March 21st.

£20 per class, £55 for three
Non refundable

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