Tritone Subs & Lydian Dominant! Jazz guitar

Hi folks, well it’s time for getting into Tritone substitutions and a bit of lydian dominant!

It sounds horrendous I know, but we’ll look at how to make it REALLY simple so you can use these in both your chordal comping for slick, hip chord changes using chord substitutions and single note line soloing!

These concepts are used on the blues and a range of jazz standards, essential stuff for any jazz guitarist.

This is the prep, have a look at the C lydian dominant scale on these videos,

its, C     D    E     F#     G      A       Bb

Just a C mixolydian scale with a sharpened 4th!

If you don’t get round to looking at it, never mind as we will be looking at many ways how to employ tritone subs without the use of this scale.  Arpeggios, scale fragments, melodic cells etc….

Sun 14th December, Brunswick pub, Hove, 11am til 1.30pm.

Next class of Sussex Jazz Guitar School after that are …

Sat 24th Jan 2015
Sat 21st Feb 2015
Sat 21st March 2015

£55 for 3 specified classes

We are upstairs again so I really do have to limit spaces.  The were really cosy last class as the room was chocabloc with you all.  To guarantee a place, book in advance. £20
See you Saturday 14th for Tritone Mayhem, Lydian Dom madness!

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