Extra prep video, Sussex Jazz Guitar School

Here’s an extra bit of prep if you fancy working on C Lydian Dominant scale in all 5 positions.

Here I demonstrate the scale in the same positions as the normal C major 5 shapes but all I am doing is flattening the 7th (B to Bb) and sharpening the 4th (F to F#)

A good idea for an exercise would be to run a C maj scale in one chosen position then play the C Lydian Dominant scale in the same position!  Then repeat for the other 4 positions!

You don’t have to have these down for this Sunday, I just thought I’d give you some more stuff to think about in the meantime as the more positions you can play, the more sleek your solos will be!

As a reference, here’s the first video of C major (ignore the arpeggios contained within for now)

And here is the C Lydian Dominant scale in the same positions!
Really try and hear the difference in sound to the above scales.

See you this Sunday 14th, 11am Brunswick Pub.

Or maybe even this Saturday at Rialto (11 Dyke Rd) for a fantastic jazz guitar duo!

Next classes are…

Sat Jan 24th,
Sat Feb 21st,
Sat March 21st

£20 each, £55 for three

Here’s 2 videos of the guitar duo this Saturday..

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