Creative Practising & improvisation for all instruments

Wednesday 27th Jan, 6.30pm TIL 7.30pm
Hi there! I’ll be showing you a variety of improvisation approaches and how to practise them effectively to ensure maximum learning, getting out of any practise ruts.

Musicians can work at their own level using these concepts and apply these to whichever chords, arpeggios, tunes etc they know. So whatever your level you can access this class and use it to further your understanding of whatever musical knowledge you already have.

We will be looking at the tune Sunny Side of the Street in the key of F for applying these concepts to a tune.  You can work on as little or as much of the tune as you feel comfortable. See the chart below in ireal pro format, printable.

It would help if you know what a 2,5,1 progression is and other points such as playing arpeggios, the tune Autumn leaves or any standards of your choice, the 1,2,3,5 pattern (ie, in C it would be C,D,E,G).  But again, it doesn’t matter as everyone can apply the concepts to whatever they know.

If you click on “going” on the Facebook event that would be great.

Here’s the Zoom link and payment info

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Paul Richards

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2.  Topic: Paul Richards’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Jan 27, 2021 06:30 PM London

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