27th Aug, Sussex Jazz Guitar School


We will be looking at a totally different concept this week.  One rarely talked about.

Messian Modes!

Don’t worry about your ability level as I have structured the class so it will suit all abilities with extension work etc..

You will be able to integrate these ideas into your playing and by studying this it will help with other areas of your playing.


I use these modes to create an “outside” modern sound over any chord type.

As it is exotic and strange sounding I tend to use it over altered dominant chords.

I will …

1. break down the scale

2. Look at useful permutations 

3. Look at how to connect it to augmented arpeggios so we have Scalic ideas Mixtec together with great sounding arpeggios.

4. explore how we can use this in various situations , especially the “Minor 11,V, 1 “

Have this diagram of an A augmented triad, 

Root (A), 3rd (C#), #5 (F basically E sharp)


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