Sussex Jazz Guitar School Recap!

Sussex Jazz Guitarists!  Here’s the recap from last lesson before I send you my next link re next class! It’s some consoldation work!
I had great feedback from students and glad you enjoyed it.

So we looked at…

Drills – Playing all the triads and 7th arpeggios in a variety of ways, ie;
1, Up them all
2, Down them all
3, Up one, down t’uther
4, Down one, up t’uther

Building Arpeggios off chord tones – Root, 3rd, 5th, 7th
As we built of each chord tone, the further away from the root we got the more extensions we encountered (9,11,13)

We need to spend time absorbing the sounds and how it sounds to go from the 3rd thus bringing out the 9th.  What does the 9th sound like to you? etc..
So we spend a session focusing going from 3rd, over one chord, over a progression, over an entire tune..
Then same with the 5th and 7th.

We also look at how to target these chord tones – chromatic note below, chromatic note above, one below and above thus sandwiching the note and one above and below..

We then looked at how to link the arpeggios.
For example we could construct a line built of the 3rd then link it to one via chromatisism or scale notes to one built off the 7th.
This way we can compose lines that sound more like jazz guitar and also start lines high up on extensions and go to lower chord tones.

We also looked at “Neighbouring” arpeggios ie, ones built off non chord tones.
We especially looked at ones built from the 9th and used this arpeggio to “side slip” into other arpeggios.

We looked at a focused way to practice to enable you to build concise meaningful phrases that contain no waffle!
So we put the metronome on 2 and 4 and comped for 2 bars then played a phrase, comped again and tried to repeat that phrase, comped again and tried to play the phrase again.
We tried to build question and answer phrases in our guitar group pairs.

We briefly looked at outlined chords another way using 1235 patterns similar to John Coltrane in Giant Steps!

So hopefully 4 weeks will be ok to get to grips with that and develop your ideas further.
I have booked the next three for Sept, Oct and Nov at the Brunswick and these dates are…

Sat 28th Sept
Sat 26th Oct
Sat 23rd Nov

We will have 5 weeks rest before the last August session and the ones in September.
Remember you can book any 3 classes for £55 and any single class for £20 specifying the dates you want. The classes will build upon material from the previous class so would be beneficial to do it monthly.  If you cannot though, to help, I am offering discount guitar classes one to one for anyone who feels they would like more help, delve into different areas or are just unable to attend a Sussex Jazz Guitar School class and wish to catch up on work missed.  This will be £20 ph (£25 normally).
Good luck with all the Guitar practicing and see you at the next class of Sussex Jazz Guitar School!

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