Sussex Jazz Guitar School, prep 30th July

Sussex Jazz Guitar School dates are Weds 30th July, Sat 30th August & Sat 27th September.  We’ve covered a lot of material in this past year.  Many of it has been taking a concept then expanding it.  That’s how I learn and practise – I take an idea, investigate it and think of as many different ways to explore it.  I think some educators call this sort of the the “microcosmic” approach, ie, from a small germ of an idea, we look at it closely under a microscope and then it turns into a massive thing the size of the cosmos!

We are taking that idea and doing it over a tune on the next class.  We will look at the tune “Cherokee”, analyse it and look at many methods of learning how to improvise over the tune and also get our head around it.  We will look at the “traits” of the tune, ie characteristics of the chord progressions and compare sections of the tune with other jazz standards which share the same traits.  We need to look at jazz standards, not just as a bunch of chords but a “road map” outlining where the harmony is going.  All these classic jazz tunes have similar harmonic patterns and we will look at how tunes change keys, move back and forth from the tonic, clues to where the harmony is going next and the various devices the composer used in coming up with them!

So check out Cherokee!  Some folk think it’s hard and maybe it is, but after next class, you will see it simply and with work, be able to play it in any key.  We’ll use plenty of exercises over it and devices.  It’s usually played fast so we can look at ways to play meaningful phrases over it which will suit each ability level.

Here’s the chord chart below. It’s more concise and a clearer map if you look on the app IRealb than the old real book one here, which basically says the same thing.  So try and look at that if you can.



So there you go, you’ve got a few weeks to look at that.  The first two classes will be upstairs so spaces are limited, but Sept we’re back down in the venue.

£20 per class, £55 for three.
Once payment is made you will be allocated places on the classes you have booked.

Weds 30th July – 7pm or possibly bit later if harder from some students, let me know
Sat 30th Aug – 11am
Sat 27th Sept 11am
all classes are 2.5 hours long.

See you in July!

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