Sussex Jazz Guitar School Prep 25/5

Sussex Jazz Guitar School next class is Sunday 25th May.  We will be looking at methods for mapping out the guitar fretboard, improvising using an intervalic approach and other interesting concepts.  This approach also works on other instruments.

We have covered a vast amount of material during the course and will continue to build and improve our jazz guitar skills.  In this class we will be looking at breaking free from positions so for prep for next Sunday, I ask you to practise playing scales on one string.  Take the Cmajor scale, play it up and down the 6th string then the other strings.  When you are fluid, try some other keys.  Guitarists like Pat Metheny play in this fashion.

Also, the diatonic sequence of the major scale is extremely important!

Cmaj7, Dmin7, Emin7, Fmaj7, G7, Amin7, Bmin7b5

Please bring pen and paper with you next Sunday as we will be writing out an important table which will stand you in good stead for all your playing!

As it’s the Brighton Fringe Festival at the Brunswick, we shall be upstairs next week!

Those who would like a booster class, I have spaces throughout this week.

Payment is the usual method, those who sign up this week will have a secure place for Sunday.  £20 per class, £55 for three classes.

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Acc Nmbr  71654179

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