Sussex Jazz Guitar School Prep 22/3/14

Sussex Jazz Guitar School prep is here for next class.  I hope you’ve all been having fun with the triads for last lesson.  I’ve had plenty of students who said it opened up a lot of possibilities for them and have booked lessons to explore using these creatively on jazz standards.

In the last lesson, we looked at all the inversions of three different chord qualities on all string sets.  We are now going to expand on that and look at harmonising major scales in preparation for creative chord melody improvising and also single note improvising.

In the video below, I play the Bb major scale on string sets 3,2,1…
Bbmaj, Cminor, Dminor, Ebmajor, Fmajor, Gminor, Adiminished, Octave Bbmaj

Learn and memorize this.  Then try it on the other string sets.  Also remember your “third substitutions”.  Ie, Bbmaj7 = Dm7, Cm7 = Ebmaj7, F7 = Am7b5.  See previous prep works for this.  This will set us up nicely for what we will cover in class!

Also, thank you to those who came to my new jazz night at Cubar (5 Preston St) in Brighton last Thursday. We had a great turnout for the first one and I’m looking forward to next one.  Next Thursday we have Abi Flyn on the vocals, singing jazz standards her way and improvising multiple scat choruses.  I will be accompanying on solo guitar and using the material covered in last and next week’s class to improvise solo guitar chorus after chorus without the safety net of loop pedals, bass players etc…  I’ll be using these triad ideas together with the spread interval concepts from earlier classes.  The week after that (20th March), I’ll be playing in a guitar duo with the great Matt Wall, so guitarheads get yourselves down there if you want to see some interplay of 2 guitars turning jazz tunes on their head in unexpected ways!

If you want to attend next week’s Sussex Jazz Guitar School, book this week by BACS to secure your place and avoid disappointment.  See you next Saturday down the Brunswick!

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