Sussex Jazz Guitar School, More Pointers!

Hi folks!  Hope you’ve read the last link of Sussex Jazz Guitar School prep on rhythm changes.  Things always pop into my head throughout the week and if I can give you information before hand then we can learn faster during lessons!  It’s just this really…
Last lesson, we looked at the arpeggios which are contained in the G7 chord,
from the 3rd,  Bhalf diminished (m7b5)
from the 5th,  Dm7
From 7th, Fmaj7

I really want you to get a grip on the same thing but on the dominant chords in the bridge of rhythm changes – the D7, G7, C7, F7
Just transposing from G7 into these keys;

SO try and remember these, as always don’t worry if you don’t get it all as even trying this will help you in some way and REINFORCE the fact that——
from 3rd you get m7b5 chord
from 5th you get m7 chord
from 7th you get Maj7 chord

See this little table of the 4 dominant chords in the bridge!

Dominant chord                         3rd                                    5th                       7th
D7                                                  F#m7b5                           Am7                    Cmaj7
G7                                                   Bm7b5                             Dm7                    Fmaj7
C7                                                   Em7b5                              Gm7                    Bbmaj7
F7                                                    Am7b5                             Cm7                    Ebmaj7

Hopefully, you’ll start to see rules or patterns or clues, for example;
1.  You can always play a maj7 chord a tone down from the root!
2.   The chord off the 5th is basically the iim7 chord in a ii,V progression!
Stuff like that!

Well, that’s all for now for my Jazz Guitar additional pointers.  Again don’t worry, if it seems a lot.  It’s just to help you get a head start when we analyse this killer jazz chord progression.  Once we’ve spent time on this popular jazz chord progression, other jazz standards will be easier to learn, you’ll start seeing patterns similar in different tunes and many other beneficial effects.
So have fun working through this (you can even learn some bebop heads such as Oleo, Moose the Mooche or any other rhythm changes Jazz Standard!!) and I’ll see you this Sunday for tearing it up over rhythm changes tunes at Sussex Jazz Guitar School!

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