Sussex Jazz Guitar School July Recap

Hi Everyone!  Just a little recap on what we did in July and hopefully what you should be practicing this month.

We focused on these drills over rhythm changes.  So over the chord changes to the tune, we played the following patterns over every chord using quavers (1+2+3+4+)…

1.  1235
2.  5321
3.  1235, 5321
4.  5321, 1235

Bearing in mind that the G7 has a flat2.

This worked well over the A section.
When we got to the bridge, we could build 1235 (and 5321) patterns off the chord tones of each dominant chord as each chord lasted a whole two bars!

D7……F#m7b5, Am7, Cmaj7

and transpose this for the other dominant chords G7, C7, F7

We also looked at surrounding the 1235 or 5321 patterns with approach notes.
One below
One above
One above and one below sandwiching the target note and a variety of other combinations.

We also played a vamp on a dominant chord and tried to produce jazz lines using 1235 and 5321 patterns with approach notes off various chord tones.

Try working on these patterns until you can flow through the chord progression effortlessly with fluidity and try mixing them up with arpeggio ideas from the first class and different rhythmic ideas.

I’ll be in touch with the prep work for the August class which will involve chordal work, inner line ideas, chord substitution, linking chords to scales to create interesting movements and more!

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