Guitar Lessons, Brighton & Hove

Paul is a highly respected teacher and offers guitar lessons in the Brighton & Hove area.  He tutors a range of students. He is a trained teacher holding a PGCE teaching certificate and works for the local council music services teaching whole class music and guitar and bass lessons in local schools.  Paul is a guest lecturer at Brighton jazz school.

Amongst Paul’s students are professional performers and advanced players in the Jazz and classical fields of music.  Many players have come for lessons to prepare for auditions for London Universities on Jazz degrees and for final performances on the Jazz course atChichester college.  You will receive thorough, concise yet fun guitar lessons adapted in a way for you to excel in your chosen area of playing.

For those students wishing to pursue the formal grades, Paul is able to tailor guitar lessons accordingly and has had a 100% pass rate with students so far.

Paul will help you make sense of complex jazz and classical music by breaking it down into easy to follow steps and manageable goals.

Topics covered generally include….

  • Theory and harmony
  • Improvising over chord changes
  • Chord voicings
  • Creating chord melody arrangements
  • Studies and exercises
  • Modes, Scales and more
  • Detailed tune analysis
  • Making practice fun!

I have met many promising young guitarists at a popular night I run called the Brunswick jazz jam who are local or staying in Brighton whilst studying at Brighton institute of modern music.  Many of my jazz guitar students have gone onto University to study jazz and it’s great seeing the improvement when they return for holidays.  I have taught many jazz guitarists for preparation for auditions on Jazz courses in London and also for preparation for the final performance at Chichester college on the Jazz course.  Many of my guitar students now have the ability and confidence to go out and play professionally themselves in jazz duos, trios and full on jazz bands and I have seen some brilliant performances in Brighton and Hove lately.  I also encourage my students to play at the jazz jam session I run at the Brunswick, Hove to get used to playing as part of a jazz band and in public.

Other students, going down the more classical guitar route have passed their graded exams.  With the classical guitar lessons I teach technique, theory and how to memorize classical guitar pieces by understanding the underlying structure of the tune regarding key centres,  identifying chord inversions and chord progressions and how the melody lines relate to the harmony.  These lessons which will stand you in good stead if you are looking to play guitar professionally at weddings, events, parties and functions.

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