Creative Practice Regimes! Sussex Jazz Guitar School

September 28th class will be taking a jazz standard tune and tackling it using a multitude of approaches, expanding on concepts from previous classes plus new ones.  We will be developing Creative and fun approaches to practice specific material because if we practice at home in a fun, creative way, thinking of plenty of wacky and outside the box ways to work then this will come out in our playing!

This is going to be used to develop a structured, thorough practice regime so that whenever you want to learn a new tune you will have specific things to practice over it both single note line wise and chordally!

This is exactly the same regime I use whenever I learn a new tune and we will also be analysing the tune and relating it to other tunes.

The approaches used to tackle the tune will be primarily like drills over the changes as I know you all like structure! This will get the ideas under your fingers and also importantly in your ears! But after the “Boot Camp” part of this, we will be getting creative with each drill to make beautiful music!

This will be done by showing you wacky and imaginative ideas on how to be CREATIVE with the concepts thus taking you from structured exercises to the realms of MELODIC, INVENTIVE & SPONTANEOUS IMPROVISATION!

A lot of the ideas will be practiced placing a heavy emphasis on Deep Groove, Phrasing and dynamics.

This process will make practicing fun and exciting giving you a feeling of progress and achievement where you will actually look forward to and enjoy your practice sessions.

I have devised endless ways of practicing devices and concepts over tunes and I hope to cover a fair few of them. We’ll try and get as many approaches done in the class but without glossing over them, so we get a thorough understanding of each concept drill. I will constantly be introducing new ways of tackling a tune over the course.

We had a similar look at this in a previous class on “Rhythm Changes” where we practised patterns over the tune and also tried to be creative with the patterns.

And thanks to Laurent for suggesting this at the end of last class!

As always, limited places available so those who sign up first will guarantee their places. The last few classes have been filled to capacity.  See link below for info!

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