22/6 Prep work. Sussex Jazz Guitar School

Ever wondered how jazz guitarists solo using chords?  Or how they cram about 10 different chords where it says play an Aminor7?  Well, I’m going to show you how this Sunday!  The class will have a focus on chordal soloing and comping techniques.  We will be looking at how to get movement over a chord progression rather than just bashing out a few strums of a standard jazz guitar chord shape.  And we will also be looking at linking these chords together with tasteful single note lines!

To make sure we are at the same starting point, have a look at the following video.

It shows the four different inversions of a 7th chord.  First demonstrated is Gmaj7, then G7 then Gminor7.  These, should be familiar shapes to many of you.
Be aware, where the chord tones are in the chord.  For example…

First chord, from 4th string to 1st string..
7th, 3rd, 5th, root

2nd chord..

3rd chord..
3rd, 7th,root,5th

4th Chord

As usual, spaces are limited so book this week to get your space.  Last time we were in the smaller room upstairs and not the venue.  This may be the case again, and we can’t fit as many in as downstairs.

So get practicing those and we shall expand upon them n do some really hip stuff on Sunday!  Try them on different string sets.  I have spaces this week for any booster classes if you need more prep for the class.

Also it’s my album launch at The Verdict Jazz Club this Saturday 21st!  Sussex Jazz Guitar Students can get in for the concession rate of £4 – Bargain! (£5 normally).  Be good to see you down there, the album is great!  Here’s a promo video..


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